Groggy Return to the Day Job

I spent the last two weeks in additional training for the job I hope to make a full time career one day soon. I worked alongside old friends from my academy class, new friends from neighboring agencies, old drill instructors, fellow officers from my agency, and instructors who were treating me as an equal rather than a potential academy flunkie. It is amazing what happens when you graduate, start working, and become a member of ‘the club.’

Now, I’m back at the desk at the day job. My absence was filled by one of the other technicians who, in all honesty- is much better at this than I am, but things got ahead of him a bit anyway.

I’m nursing a 24oz cup of black coffee not only to jump start me, but to start easing my way into the Whole30 sentence diet.

The time away in training for the new job has, of course, clouded my return to the field that I’m trying to leave forever.

Also, just to stab me in the butt a little, and make the morning slightly more difficult, I’m also coming off of four hours of sleep after an ambulance call took me away from my nice, warm bed until 2am. This was a high-stress call too, since the person who called was what is called a ‘frequent flier’ and has, in the past, threatened EMS personnel. So, that was an adventure in the middle of the night.

When the alarm went off at 6:16am (I had trouble setting it in the dark) I seriously contemplated not coming in again today, and tried to do math in my head to see if the call-pay from the ambulance was enough to offset the loss from not going to the day job.

Since I am bad at math to begin with, and worse when I’m attempting to murder an alarm clock, I couldn’t add, so I’m here just to be on the safe side.

The upswing to the whole day, is that since it is a Friday before vacation, the general mood of the school is relaxed. The teachers are clock-watching as badly as the students are, so they’re not clamoring to exert themselves, which gives me a chance to catch up with open tickets.

…the plate of cookies left on the desk when I came in also helps.

Happy Friday readers, and thanks for sticking with me while I wandered off.


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