The Darkest Night Shift I’ve Ever Worked

It is nine pm. The streets are oddly empty for a peak season weekend. It isn’t just here either. The whole county seems a bit more silent than usual. The radio only periodically cracks to life. It’s silent enough that I have twice checked it to make sure I haven’t accidentally changed channels again, or left the volume down low.
I am riding alone. In my little department we don’t ride with partners unless for training or special detail. The night shifts can often leave one alone with nothing but solitaire on the computer, or your own thoughts.

Tonight, it is the latter. A few hours ago I got a text from a friend working an agency to the south. “Two NYPD officers killed execution style while sitting in their patrol car.” A quick trip to the internet confirmed the tragic story. Apparently motivated to ‘avenge’ Michael Brown and Eric Garner, an individual walked up to a parked police car, and shot the two officers inside, killing them both. He then went to a subway platform and shot himself to death.

I cannot wrap my head around this. How is targeting someone for the uniform they wear or the job they do creating any sort of justice? How do these miscreants who wish and do ill towards the police not realize that they are making things WORSE I stead of better? Every cop working a C line tonight is going to be a little more wary, perhaps a little more nervous, potentially a lot more dangerous. Every cop in the nation that takes to the street tomorrow will be doing so with the thoughts fresh in their minds that there are some who would kill them where they stand or sit, with no provocation or warning.
…exactly how does this serve to lessen tensions? How does it make it safer for the masses when their police force is wired to the point of exhaustion?

That moron in NYC didnt just kill two of my brothers today, but he possibly killed some of his OWN as well, and perhaps created an indellible link in a terrible circle of pain, mistrust, and tragedy.

Just some thoughts from the road tonight


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