HO! HO!…..HUH?!?!

We left my parent’s place on Christmas Eve around 6pm and headed home. I’ll set the scene here a little bit, so you can get a feel for what happened.

We live in a very small, rural community. Outside of one actually. The road we live on is a dead end, and we’re the only full time residents out of about half a dozen houses. There are nights when you can go outside and see a bajillion stars, and the first night we stayed in the house, it was so dark that at one point I couldn’t honestly tell the difference between having my eyes open and my eyes closed.

So, you get the idea. There’s nothing around. Quiet, peaceful…and sometimes weird.

We made the turn off the main road and headed up the hill towards home. My headlights played over a mailbox, pale trees, a melting snowdrift…then, in the middle of the road…Santa Claus.

No shit, in the middle of the road, in the pitch dark, was a man in a full Santa suit. There are no bars for him to have come stumbling out of, no parties that I knew of that he could have been going to or from…like I said, there’s nothing here.

It creeped me and the wife out just a little, and confused the living hell out of the two boys in the back seat because…well…where the heck were the reindeer, and…Daddy, didn’t you just say he doesn’t come around until we’re all asleep?

We ushered the boys quickly inside and to bed shortly after. Partially because we had all of the wrapping of gifts to do, and partially because I didn’t feel like explaining to an inquisitive five-year-old why daddy was dead-bolting the front door and guarding it with a firearm against the very man we were expecting to come visit in the first place.


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