My Late Christmas Present

We just got home from a “Polar Express” train ride with the boys, and I stopped to grab the mail out of the box. Thumbing through the contents, I found the something I’ve been dreaming about since I decided to get into Law Enforcement. A canvass letter. For exactly the job I want, in exactly the location I want. I’m being given a chance at what has literally become my dream job.
I am nowhere near landing said job yet, but I am on deck and being given a chance at the plate. You bet I’m swinging for the fences on this one. I cannot help but feel like all of the failed interviews, the positions I’ve been passed over for….all of that has been in preparation for this.

2015 could see AD take the last step in the long and bumpy road of job hunting and career changes, and finally settle the family into a sense of stability. Or, it could begin with a crippling defeat that sets the tone for another year of grinding out a living as I have been, but dammit, I won’t waste my time on worrying about that. Think positive AD. Think positive.


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