There’s Barf in My Underwear

Nope, AD isn’t coming off of a New Year’s celebration. Quite the contrary. I had to be awakened at 11:54PM on NYE so I could catch the ball drop, and was back to sleep shortly thereafter.

No, Mini-Me is sick. It started with a cough while we were visiting my in-laws for new years. We were there for about two days, and over the course of the trip, it got worse, although there were no other symptoms.

Fast forward to this afternoon, he’s got a slight fever, his nose is starting to drip, the cough is still there, and he’s a mewling ball of misery. I sat at the kitchen table with him on my shoulder. He promptly fell asleep.

A moment or two later, as I contemplated putting him in his crib, he woke up, absolutely miserable. He cried and whined, and as soon as I stood up, he puked. Straight down my back. My shirt was soaked with half-digested clementine oranges, apple juice, and God-only know what else.

There was so much of it that my shirt wasn’t the extent of my problems. As I carried him to the bathroom and drew a bath, I became aware of a wetness on my left buttock. Yes, some had seeped down my back, soaking my undergarments.

Parenting is glamor.


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