Today’s been a very full day, I had one of the busiest shifts I’ve had to date at work, Mini-Me and I made an hour round trip to buy the ‘good coffee’ as we had run out, and I’m pacing the floor waiting for a portion of my future to be decided. As a result, I can’t focus on one thing to post about, so I’m making this one a catch-all for a myriad of topics. Hang on, and enjoy the ride.

First and foremost, WordPress has informed me that this is the one year anniversary of this blog. It’s been a great year, I’ve connected with so many fantastic people who are more than eager to share their incites and anecdotes, as well as their pains and hardships. I’ve read everything from the profound and heartbreaking to the strange and hilarious, and have loved every second of it. While my own following the last year is modest, I like to think that the quality of the followers outshines the quantity- and nobody’s got a better group of readers than I. The fact that in a world as busy and hectic as ours, there is a sliver of the population willing to take a moment to see what I have to say a few times a week? Mind-boggling.

Next, As I write this, I await a decision that could launch me into a full-fledged career once again. Tonight, my town is supposed to decide if I’m going to be bumped up to a full-time officer instead of part time. Should they decide to do so, a journey of two years, two days, starts to bloom into fruition. Two years of training, waiting, making mistakes and learning from them, more training, more waiting, more mistakes, and some absolutely terrifying moments as I face things alone for the first time…..all of it will have culminated into something permanant, and will no longer be ‘something I do on the side.’ Adios to the three part-time jobs, sketchy and inadequate health insurance plans, and to instability. No more going from boom one month to bust the next. Hello….paid vacation? What the hell is that again? I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch though. I’ve made mistakes that could still sink me, and if they do, I won’t be anything but upset with myself, and resolve to try harder to keep my head from my buttocks in the future.

Speaking of head in buttocks, and mistakes…After 10 months, I reopened a facebook account. As much as I hate how easy it is to get in trouble on there, and deeply regret the mistakes I’ve made through social media, it isn’t difficult to reach the conclusion (true or not) that anyone without a social media presence this day and age is either very, very old, or has something they’re trying to hide. So, I’ve re-created that presence, even I don’t plan on using it any more than North Korea actually uses Kijong-Dong. (Google it.) – and not because I’m trying to fool anyone, but because I legitimately loved the last 10 months without it, and don’t plan on letting myself get sucked back into the black-hole of opinions, reposts, and dirty laundry that I let control me until a year ago. It ain’t gonna happen.

Lastly- Mini-Me seems to be rampaging out of the illness that knocked him flat a few days ago. He’s back to his old rather insane self, running through the house making unintelligible noises, tormenting his brother, and insisting we give him bowls of cheerios so he can dump them immediately on the floor. As much of a nuisance as he can be in full swing…it’s great to have my little guy back, especially since my spine can now recover from the time I spent laying on the futon with him in his room.

So there it is. 2015 has begun with an onslaught of activity, and if the first couple of days of this month is any indication of how the rest of the year will go, I’m in for a hell of a trip, and I’m going to be happy to have you come along with me.

Stay tuned, this could get interesting…and again, thank you for the last year.


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