Dump That Out!

My wife always busts my chops for leaving half-finished glasses of water around. It’s a scatter-brained move on my part. I’ll start a glass, set it down, and wander off, never to return.

A few days ago, I came home to find a glass that SHE had left laying out, so I chided her about it.

“Oh. Yeah, it was frozen when I took it out of the refrigerator, so I left it there to thaw.”
“The water was in the refrigerator?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Why would you put a half-glass of water in the refrigerator?”
“It was the glass you got me last night. I didn’t finish it, so I put it in the refrigerator.”
“Why? Dump it out? Our well water is completely drinkable, and the brita pitcher was full. Why do you need to save three mouths sips of water?”

…she looked at me like I was insane, like the idea of dumping out a half glass of water was somehow a criminal act.

I let it slide.


I wrapped up a 7-4 shift with the PD, the other day, and found out that we were out of coffee and some other essentials at the house. I packed Mini-Me into the car and we went to the grocery store. I got coffee, orange juice, and a few other things.
The next morning, my wife asks me:

“Did you open the orange juice already?”
“No, not that I can remember, why?”
“Because it’s open. I just took it out, and there was no plastic guard on it, and the ring was already broken on it.”
“Strange. Dump it out, I’ll get more later.”

…I came back later on, and found…. the questionably opened orange juice jug still in the refrigerator.

“Why didn’t you dump this out if we’re not sure who opened it?”
“I don’t know, I didn’t feel right about it.”


I obviously don’t advocate waste, but when there’s an ample supply of readily available drinking water, or a jug of juice that nobody remembers opening and could prove a health and safety risk, go ahead and dump it out.

Side note, not only didn’t I dump out the jug myself, but I took one for the team and had a glass, just to make sure that it wasn’t poison.

It wasn’t, so she was right in her decision.



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