Superhero Convention

I’m working a rare day shift today, and the town is plenty busy. Alongside the usual ski crowd though, is a group of genuine heroes.
The ski slope’s Adaptive Sports Foundation is hosting the Wounded Warriors this weekend. There are dozens of combat veterans here who have suffered life-changing wounds, and they’re hitting the slopes. Alongside them, the FDNY has sent up a half dozen or so vans staffed with firefighters to shuttle the warriors back and forth between the mountain and their hotels.

In a time in a world where so very much seems to be going straight to hell in a hand basket, I’m witnessing not only a group of people cast aside traumatic wounds and enjoy some winter sports time, but a community of people reaching out to help them do it.

It is incredibly humbling too. I won’t go skiing because I’m convinced I’ll break a leg. Here are guys who are MISSING legs doing exactly that. Plus, as a volunteer firefighter, having the FDNY in town is like having visiting royalty. They’re nice as hell too, I’ve already been invited to lunch.

It really is a hell of a thing to bear witness to, and the inspiration one can take away from it is enough to brighten an otherwise dreary day shift.

Human strength is astounding, human compassion is heartening. 


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