Too Clever For His Own Good

We had a largely uneventful weekend. Aside from one trip to the store for some essentials, we did nothing for two and a half days, and it was a nice change to relax for a while. The weather was too nasty to play outside, so The Narrator and I worked on a model of a VW Beetle I got for him off Amazon, the boys played, my wife worked on a few of her Etsy shop orders, and I accomplished as little as possible.

Yesterday, sometime around noon, I decided it was time to stop being lazy and get my gear ready for work.

“Whelp…” says I, “I’m going to get going. I have a few ‘Esses’ to take care of.”
Sitting nearby, The Narrator looks up.
“Hahah, yep. Good job bud, those are ‘S’ words” I laughed.
“….and Shit.”

I got yelled at.


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