The Ant Farm

Right before Christmas this year, my sister found out that she had purchased something for The Narrator that “Santa” had already bought him….Poor communication on the part of Santa to be honest.

My sister then told us that she had actually planned on buying him an ant farm, knowing how curious and interested in such things he is, but she was a bit worried about us not being thrilled with it. In actuality, we decided that would have been a great idea, so even though she needed to return the original gift, she was able to go back to her original plan.

A fun aside before I move on with the story, I took my mother-in-law over to visit my parents later that day, and my sister was talking about the ant farm. My mother-in-law, who is a bit of a know it all immediately chimed in. “Oh, Kim would never allow that, you’re crazy!” -To which my sister told her that my wife already approved the idea and was excited about it. Watching my mother-in-law clumsily backpedal and try to save face was the best part of my holiday.


The farm and the ants were delivered finally delivered. The company that shipped the ants needed to wait a bit for the weather to warm up so we didn’t get a tube of dead bugs.

We set up the farm yesterday, with daddy being in charge of dumping the squiggling mass of insects out of the tube which was marked “Caution! Ants May Sting!” Thankfully, I was able to divert from type and managed not to let loose any red stinging ants into the house.

The ant farm has had the desired effect. Our curious and analytical five year old has been awash with questions and is transfixed by the little plastic ecosystem that now resides on one of our cabinets….just out of reach for the two year old- because where I succeeded in releasing the stinging bugs into the farm, Mini-Me will absolutely succeed in releasing them into the living room.

More importantly than The Narrator’s interest in the thing- My wife and I are totally amazed by it, and we’ve probably spent more time watching the studious little bugs dig into the gel (which they can eat, so forgetting to feed them isn’t an issue) and work on their little tunnels.

So, in spite of the gift being a little late for Christmas, it is nonetheless a smash hit in the house….as long as I can keep it from ACTUALLY becoming a smash that is.


6 thoughts on “The Ant Farm

  1. My friend had an ant farm when I was in school, aged about 7. I went to play at his one day, and he went to the toilet. I was peering into his ant farm, and leant over a bit too far, overbalanced, and fell into it, knocking it off its stand and all over the floor. When he came back in I said that a gust of wind had blown in through the window. He believed me, and then cried. I had nightmares about giant ants chasing me for at least a week.

  2. I didn’t know these were still available.

    My older brother had one, it took just a few days before he broke it and had the ants running loose all over the house.

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