I Deleted a Voicemail

A few weeks back I sent in a canvas letter for a job opening.
Not just ANY job opening- but it was for literally exactly the job I want, for exactly where I wanted to do it. ‘Dream Job’ if such a thing exists.

I’ve been waiting to hear back from them, to find out if my application has been accepted and if I move on to the interview process.

I’ve been waiting almost a month.

Two weeks ago, I was working at the Day Job, where cell service is crap. I was playing phone tag with a rep from one of the software companies who was ‘urgently trying to get in touch with me regarding the account’ So I dropped what I was doing and played phone tag with her.

At one point, I was using a landline to access my cell phone’s voicemail. An email from the rep told me she had left me a message. When I logged into the voicemail box, there were three messages. One from the PD regarding a meeting I already knew about. The second one started with a few beeps, boops, and random noises, so I deleted it before it was over. The third was the message I was looking for.

….it turns out the rep was new to the company and wanted to introduce herself to me. All that urgency for literally nothing at all.

Every day that passes without my hearing from that prospective job, I wonder more and more if that message I deleted in my rush to get to another message that was falsely advertised as ‘important’ wasn’t the one I was waiting for.

If it turns out that I deleted my one lead to the very job I’ve been pining for all this time….I’ll never have been so mad at a stranger in all my life. Or myself for that matter.

I’m praying that the delay in contact is due to the usual red tape that goes along with the hiring process….and not that I vaporized my only chance by being duped.


4 thoughts on “I Deleted a Voicemail

  1. I am so feeling your pain right now! It’s only been two weeks for my job hunt and it is torture! I found the one that seems perfect for me and am now a sitting duck hoping for an interview! uggh!!!

  2. I spent six months unemployed, two years under employed, and now am hunting down my ‘forever home’ in terms of work…and I can honestly say that the patience and agony of the process is more painful than being rejected. Good luck to you with your work hunt- and seriously…don’t delete any voicemails.

    • So HR is notoriously slow. One way to move things along is to reach out to the person who you would be working for as well. I advised my previously SAHD/under employed husband the same and it worked multiple times to get him to the next step then your poise, talent, and experience close the deal. So look up who you would be working for and send them a note saying “I have applied through the HR system and am writing to….” Tell you why we are a perfect match. Why I hope to meet you at an interview. Etc. whatever is appropriate. Can’t hurt and may help. Good luck. And perseverating on the past will only get you down so don’t do it.

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