Why AD Will Never Fix Anything Again.


Yesterday, my wife complained that the washing machine was taking forever to fill on the cold cycle. Knowing nothing about washing machines but knowing how to use Google, as well as believing myself to be fairly handy in such things, I checked it out. I turned off the water and pulled out the screens in the hose fittings. Sure enough, one of them was clogged up with gunk. I cleaned it out, hooked it all back up, and tested it.

Hooray! Hero!

This morning, somewhere around 6am, I hear a chirping sound. Getting up to investigate, I realize that it is the Carbon Monoxide detector’s ‘low battery’ alarm. I started down the hall to pluck it down and replace the battery.


My bare foot meets water on the carpet of the hall. My first reaction was “Damn it, the cat peed on the rug?” Which was odd, since- despite being a gross barf-bag, Hobbes never pees outside of the box. I flicked the light on to investigate and fear gripped me immediately.

An 8×3 foot section of the hallway was a swamp. Like, stepping down saw water seep up through my toes. A leak? No way.

Yes way. Quick investigation of the fitting that I ‘fixed’ the day before found exactly that. A leak. Water had been leaking from the fitting all night long, spreading across the linoleum in the alcove where the washer is, and into the hallway, completely soaking the rug and pad underneath. I made a futile attempt to sop up what I could, but that was worthless. We’re talking a LOT of water.

I tightened the fitting on the washer, pulled up the rug and realized this was a major job. The soaked pad had to be replaced and the carpet dried.

So, somewhere around 7am, I’m making a trip to Lowe’s for a new pad and the hardware store to rent a wet-vac to suck up as much water as we can.

5 hours later, here I sit. The pad has been replaced, we’re down 4 or 5 rolls of paper towel, the wet vac has been returned, and a dehumidifier is running full bore to draw out the last of the moisture that was too stubborn for the wet vac to pick up. The ONLY saving grace was that the sub floor of the hallway was linoleum too, so there isn’t going to be any damage to the floor itself.

All because I fixed a hose fitting. It’s probably a good thing I’m not a doctor. With a track record like this, you might come to me with a twisted ankle and I’d amputate both legs. Mechanic would be just as bad.

“Yes ma’am, you’ve got brand new brakes, you can have it back as soon as the fire is out.” 

Time to re-evaluate my handiness.


One thought on “Why AD Will Never Fix Anything Again.

  1. Ugh, what a story. The whole DIY thing is overrated, for sure. Sometimes it’s better to just pay someone else to do something.

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