Mixed Emotion Monday

In 2006 I made the decision to leave teaching before I even got into it. I accidentally fell into IT and worked that until 2011. Then I got laid off. I ghosted around the employment world between 2011….and today.

Today is the first day of my ‘full time’ status with the  police department. Today is the first legitimate day of a career that I can actually see myself retiring from. It is made so much better by the fact that my Mondays now start at 3PM.

I’m a ‘creature of the night’ as my wife says. Night shifts with the PD, night shifts with the ambulance….I love it.

However, in spite of the happiness and joy I feel at finally being able to go to work in a field that I feel like I belong in, I’m doing it in the middle of a freakin’ blizzard. Last night, while I was out on an ambulance call, the weather started to turn. Forecast 8-15″ of snow until 6PM tonight. Shift starts at 3PM, so my very first one as a full-timer will be under the umbrella of my least favorite form of weather, and a lot of it too.

Roads will be nasty, temps will be low, everything will be wet, and I’m going to be in a fairly foul mood throughout most of it.

To be 100% honest with you, I’m a bit annoyed at the timing. It’s so bad, that the school I used to work for…the one that never closed due to weather, forcing me drive on disastrous roads to get to work? Even they’re closed. In essence, today becomes a day that WOULD have been a legitimate snow day….to one where I HAVE to go to work because “Someone has to.”

Yeah, I’m complaining a little. Sorry. But I’ll let you in on a small secret. I’m sitting here writing this post strictly as a tool to put off going outside and shoveling snow. On this planet- there is very, very little that I despise worse than snow removal. I’ve done all manner of jobs on my time on this rock- from roofing to vacuum-pumping out port-o-potties (Parents, don’t ever throw diapers in those. They clog the suction hoses and people need salad tongs to remove them. Unpleasant.)…and none of it is as detestable as shoveling snow.

Oh well. Bitching about it doesn’t remove it.

Happy Monday everyone.


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