This Will Take Some Getting Used To…

One more post about work before I go back to chronicling the exploits of The Narrator and Mini-Me. They’ve been up to some solid shenanigans the last couple of days, being cooped up in the house with the snow storm and all.

Last night was my first shift as a full timer. The work was no different, the hours were no different. So no problems there. The issue becomes waking up in the morning. I’m no more tired than I used to be, not at all….but up until last night, my night-time PD shifts were followed by a 6:30 alarm clock which propelled me off to the school for my day job in IT.

This morning….I have nothing to do until I go back to work at 3PM. We packed The Narrator off to school, and Mini-Me automatically said ‘bye daddy!’ since I usually left for work right around the same time that his brother left. He was terribly confused when I went nowhere.

“Daddy’s home?”

I can have coffee and breakfast like a normal human- although at the cost of having dinner like a normal human. That’s going to have to be worked out somehow. I’ll never make it 20 years to retirement if dinner 5 nights a week comes from under heat lamps at a gas station or a diner.

This ‘working nights’ thing also has some seasonal drawbacks. Last night, when I put the car away and headed home, the thermometer hovered around zero. Every time the wind kicked up, my nose-hairs stiffened and my eyes watered. As I drove down snow-covered roads, the windows were buttoned up and the heat was blaring. I can’t wait for warm summer nights. Even if the shifts are slow, they’re going to be much more comfortable.

On the home front, my wife is going to have the toughest time of it. She is now handling dinner, bath, and bed time for both boys on her own. Couple that with having to work on shop orders as they come in, and the usual domestic needs…this isn’t going to be easy on her. We haven’t sat down and talked about it yet, but I know we’re both thinking it, and I know full well that my new found time in the mornings isn’t going to be for loafing around, but taking the heat off of her a bit so that her nighttime routine goes as smooth as possible. I’ll be running errands, attacking my ‘honey-do’ list, (which starts as soon as I’m done here.) and fathering properly to the little one while she gets some work done or catches a breath here and there.

I love the work I do, I love the town I get to do it in, and I love that I was given a second chance to do it. But these next few weeks of transition is going to be interesting. Very, very interesting. I’m holding onto two ambulance shifts a week, AND hours at the school. I’m going to juggle them all as best I can, and if it becomes too difficult, I’ll shed them as needed to sustain proper focus on the full time job and my family.

Wish me luck. If ‘Time Management’ were an upper level college course….the next month or so will be my final exam.


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