An Embarrassing Anecdote

I don’t have much for content today, the schedule shift has been hell. Since I’m only three days into working nights (that makes sense right?) neither my body nor my family has gotten used to anything yet. So, rather than try to create something clever, I’ll tell an embarrassing story. That should distract you from the fact that I’ve been pretty lackluster on the posting front of late.

My first two years in college was spent living in a residence hall (we don’t say dorm for some reason) at one end of campus. Going to and from class, I would have to walk down a rather picturesque sidewalk between one of the science buildings, and the Human Ecology building, which was under heavy construction at the time. One wonderful spring day, I was sauntering back to the hall from class. I see several workmen on the roof of the HE building, probably doing some work in between ogling the college girls that walked past them.

I had my headphones on and was listening to some music- probably on a CD player back in those days, so I was lost in my own little world. I got about midway past the building when the corner of my eye catches some movement. Something fallen- or thrown from the top of the building that looks a lot like a two-by-four and..HOLY HELL ITS GONNA HIT ME!

I took immediate evasive action, diving off the sidewalk and out of the way, Damn near ninja-rolling in the fresh spring mud on the side of the pavement. “Suave” I thought, and was inwardly proud of my reflexes, and uncanny situational awareness which seemed on par with an apex jungle predator- since I had missed being demolished by the falling lumber. I looked up to see where the hell it came from, and found the object was STILL IN THE AIR.

What I had mistaken for a wooden missile hurtling through time and space to connect with my cranium at fatal velocity was, in fact, a piece of styrofoam. It flitted lazily in the breeze to the ground and gently landed…nowhere near me. In fact, it landed on the other side of the fence that surrounded the building while it was being worked on….thirty or forty feet away and quite a bit behind me. For some unknown reason, I popped one of the headphones out and could hear the laughter of the workmen on the roof….and what was probably the giggles from some of the college girls they’d been ogling as well.

“Smooth” was never really an adjective that fit me very well.


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