Too Much on the Plate?

I awoke to a flurry of emails this morning from the school I work at on Fridays- the old ‘day job.’

There was a security leak there, in that one of the teachers had their passwords compromised by an enterprising student who managed to get into a network drive and hide several thousand files in a hidden sub folder.
One of the guys I work with found it all and restored the original locations. We then forced a password change on all of the teachers through the network…except I forgot to send the mass e-mail to everyone letting them know to expect it when they logged in this morning. Without fail, every teacher in the building was prompted to change their passwords, and every last one of them called or emailed the help-line thinking it was either a virus, or there was something wrong with their computer.

I’m starting to wonder if my 57 hour work weeks (plus ambulance shifts) are going to get the better of me before too long. I may need to shed some of the responsibilities I’ve decided to carry even after landing a full-time job.


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