Exactly How Cold Is It?

One more quick update from me because this is too good not to share.

Temperatures on the thermometer mean nothing these last few days. As agonizingly low as they are, they do not depict the whole picture, since the ‘wind chill’ and ‘real feel’ are even lower- but we all know how those work.
Last night though, I got a taste of just how cold it is out there.

Ten minutes before my shift ended at 11PM, I got a call for an alarm activation at a house. I drove up to take a look. There were no tracks in the snow anywhere, so it would have been easy to call dispatch and tell them “Everything looks secure, goodnight.” But I was out, so I figured I’d better do it right. So I got out and began to circle the house. I got to the back deck where there was about a foot of snow blown up there and heard the alarm, from below me. There was no other way to get there except to wade through knee-deep snow. Groaning inwardly, I did just that, and found a door had been blown open by the wind. I closed it, plowed BACK through the snow and climbed, frozen, into the car. Dispatch tells me that the homeowner called and wants me to call him. So I do. He tells me that there’s a trick to making sure the door is locked from the inside, so I volunteered to go back and check for him.

Back into the snow, knee-deep with wind kicking it up into my face. I got the door locked, exited through the garage with the homeowner on the phone directing me, hiked through the snow again, bid the man goodnight, called myself out of service, and headed home.

It was at that point that something dawned on me….in spite of all of the plowing I did through the snow with my body….my pants were BONE DRY. There was literally no moisture on them. My socks…dry too.

It was so damn cold that there was no snow melt on me whatsoever. four trips through the snow, and I was as dry as I had been when I went in in the first place. I was a bit COLDER…but not even remotely wet. It had been like walking through sand. Only a lot of it.

THAT is how cold it is here.

I’m very much ready for spring to get here.


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