The Day Off That Wasn’t

….But still turned out to be pretty great.

We’ve been a single car family for quite some time, partially because of lack of funds to have two, but mostly because I keep crashing or otherwise breaking vehicles. Several months back though, we were given a second car. It’s an oldie, but in spectacular condition. Then, before I got a chance to put it on the road, winter came. It has been buried in more than a foot of snow and ice since sometime before Christmas at the bottom of our driveway.
The other day, my wife lamented that that the worst part of my many-hour work weeks was that she was literally stuck at home. That lit a fire under my ass. We had the dime, and I had the time. Yesterday was a full-fledged day off with zero plans. The opportunity to stop imprisoning (my word, not hers) my wife was at hand.

So, bright and early yesterday, I got up with the boys, gave them breakfast, packed them in the car, and headed to the DMV to register the new-to-us car.

….Yes. I took two small children to the DMV. It actually wasn’t that bad. Well. It wouldn’t have been. I had made a slight error in paperwork, in that I forgot to have my wife sign one of the forms. Since it was gifted to HER, she needed to put her Herbie Hancock on it (Bonus points and favorite reader status to anyone who can tell me what movie THAT came from) so, we got back in the car, drove the half hour home, had her sign the papers, then headed back to the DMV. We stopped for lunch, and I committed a major parenting fail. The boys had Happy Meals. (Gasp! Sue me.)

Anyway. We went back to the DMV, and paid a ridiculous amount of money to register a ten year old car. It took a little bit longer than expected again….because apparently the insurance company still had my wife’s maiden name listed on the policy, even though we’ve been married for six seven (crap, when was it again?) years. So, I had to talk to the insurance company on the phone at the DMV, confirm the name change, and got a bonus of what was probably the single most belated “Congratulations on your marriage” blessing in the history of the entire institution.
We then started home again, but stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few odds and ends. Mostly though, I was just killing time at this point.

See, my wife had gotten a few major orders for her etsy shop (oops…plug) in short order and had been working on them on and off all week. But with both boys home all day since The Narrator is on Winter Break from school, she can’t get much work done, so my having them out for a few hours was win-win for everyone. I got to hang with the boys, and she got to get some work done.

We made another stop at my parent’s house on the way home, again just to buy a little bit more time.

Finally getting home for good nearly seven hours after we left the first time, I punted the kids into the house and started shoveling out the newly registered car. After the better part of another hour, it sat running and mostly cleaned off behind our Fusion. I’ll mount the plates this afternoon, and tomorrow I’ll schedule its inspection and take into town to fill the squatting tires. Then, I’ll be driving that. She’ll get the new car, mostly because I’m more apt to wreck it than she is, and also because I’m too lazy to swap out the car seats. It also has a few little mechanical niggles that I don’t feel like sticking her with.

After that little escapade, I went in and made dinner and put both boys to bed while she wrapped up an order that had to ship today.

All in all it was a great day, even if I ended up going to bed early because I was drained by its finish. The boys and I had a really good time out and about, the Mrs. got a ton of work done, and by the end of the weekend, she won’t be tethered to the house anymore.

Dinner didn’t turn out too badly either. I was going to chronicle it here, but it wasn’t even remotely a failure, so it would have just been some boring guy posting pictures of his pan-fried chicken cutlets, as if the internet needs more of those. So I spared you.

The next time I melt something, burn something, or create a chemical abomination in the kitchen, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’m back at the work scene today. The second of my two fifteen hour days this week kicked off at 6:30am. Actually…No, that’s a lie. It was closer to 7 by the time I got done mashing the snooze button a couple of times. I’ll clear the IT job, which by the way is completely dead since the school is on vacation, then head to an 8 hour night shift at three.

In spite of the running yesterday, I’m not all that beat. Mostly because I feel like we got a lot done in a short amount of time, and I made up a severe deficit of daddy time, while giving my wife a smidgen of time to herself.

That isn’t to say that I won’t be needing a five hour energy drink and several cups of coffee halfway through shift tonight, but as of right now….I don’t really hate being awake. Or anything really.

One good day begets another it seems.

Enjoy your day readers.


2 thoughts on “The Day Off That Wasn’t

    • Thank you, though I’ve got a lot to make up for in the ‘thoughtful’ department if I’m being firmly honest. Besides, the whole day was win-win-win for the whole team. There was literally nothing that was a set-back or inconvenience for anyone involved. Unless you count the fast-food lunch of course…or the NYS fees for registering vehicles!

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