Projectile Snack Foods to Combat Sadness

If you’ve got a five year old who is upset about something minor, it turns out that attempting to (gently) lob fruit snacks into their open mouth with a slingshot is a great way to distract them from their sadness.

Mothers will generally disapprove of this tactic, but its effectiveness cannot be argued against.

….I never said I was a good parent. I said I was trying. Sometimes I don’t quite get it right. Although he did have safety goggles on…so maybe I’m making progress after all.


One thought on “Projectile Snack Foods to Combat Sadness

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with this technique.

    One day he will charm an overly emotional girlfriend using the same technique and she’ll think he is a genius for using humour and candy to snap her out of her bad mood. And he’ll remember this moment with you and think “My old man was the bomb”.

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