Runnin’ On Empty

I’m completely siphoned of energy this morning readers. I got in from work about a half hour later than usual, and by the time I had a something to eat and went to bed, it was around 12:30.
My standard rule for my wife at night time is- if Mini-Me wakes up at any time before the morning, she is to wake me and I’ll deal with it.

Well, he woke up last night around 1:30. I heard him before he woke up my wife, and went in with him.
“Daddy?” Came the tiny little voice from the darkness: “I took a nap!”
In spite of things, I had to laugh. I put him back to sleep, dumped him in his crib, and went back to bed around 2:30.
5:30am, I’m being woken up again. This time, he woke up my wife, who did exactly what she was supposed to do, wake me up to deal with it…not knowing he’s already been awake.

Needles to say, his 5:30 wake up was the final one. There was no going back. I dragged his sleepless and grumpy little carcass out to the living room and turned on some Peppa Pig while I tried to doze on the couch for half an hour before everyone else woke up.

THAT doze was interrupted by my wife asking for help in the bathroom. Surprise! The Narrator has pink eye!

Which means he’s got to get to the doctor. No problem at all, except my car has a flat that I hadn’t fixed yet, so I had planned on taking my wife’s car to work today. In a surprising flash of thinking for a sleep and coffee-deprived brain, I called my father, who was working at the same school as I was headed to for the day. He came and picked me up, I was able to leave the car for my wife’s doctor run, and I’m now sitting at the old day job, ready for anything nothing.

My wife is gloomy with me because I didn’t take the day off from work, I didn’t bring a smidgen of cash with me for a school lunch, and I’m not going to make my father, who has already chauffeured me in today, drive me out to lunch this afternoon, so I’m effectively stuck until 3PM today without food, funds, or transportation….and MOSTLY, I’m stuck without coffee.

I’ve gone stretches without eating a substantial meal.
I’ve gone stretches without sleeping a solid sleep.

But no coffee? That dog won’t hunt Monsignor.

Wish me luck. Because in spite of the no coffee, I still need to go deal with a 5th grader who figured out how to access pornography on the school’s computers.


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