The Lost Tooth

Now for something a tad less laden with whining from me:

The Narrator lost his first tooth this morning. That, coupled with his conjunctivitis, makes his head a minor disaster zone.
…..also he has a slight abrasion on his eyelid where he faceplanted into my holster the other day running to give me a hug when I came in to visit while I was working.

So yeah. ‘ole ‘Head Wound’ is in full swing.

Any way. He’s had a wiggler for a couple of weeks now. This morning, while he was crying about having to go to the doctor for his pink eye, we noticed that the tooth was hanging by a minor thread. We mentioned it to the normally squeamish five-year-old, who reached into his mouth and promptly plucked it out.

Now, I have no idea why- but this loose and wiggling tooth has been giving me the willies since he’s gotten it.
I’ve used scalpel blades to cut open fingers to remove splinters.
I once dug out a plantar’s wart when I was in high school….with a swiss army knife. (Very dumb)
Hell, one of my jobs is to chauffeur to the hospital people with various ailments that may or may not include a plethora of bodily fluids.
I’ve handled corpses at accidents, and once- a burn victim from a house fire

….all without negative effect. No problem whatsoever. No gagging, puking, nightmares, or passing out. I once did an ambulance call that took an HOUR to get to the preferred hospital, with the patient puking the entire trip. My EMT was green when we got there, but I was okay. I wasn’t HAPPY about it, but suffered no (wait for it)….. ILL effects. (yuk yuk)

But for some reason…the fact that part of my son’s head was popping loose was enough to make me cringe. He’d come running up to me and tell me to ‘feel how wiggly it is!’ and I could barely do it. There’s something irritating about devoting so very much time to a small child in an effort to PREVENT their body parts from falling off or out- only to have it happen anyway.

He was terribly excited about it, so I felt a little guilty when I told him “Congratulations, that’s part of your skeleton you’re holding” …which might have freaked him out a little. I got the stink eye from the Mrs. over that one.

The funniest part though, is his little brother. In full-on “Monkey see, Monkey do” action, the two-year old Mini-Me is running around trying to wiggle HIS teeth, and we can’t convince him that he ain’t even close yet.


Anyway, what’s the Tooth Fairy’s going rate for teeth these days?


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