Easter Weekend

Holidays have always been a bit of a challenge for us, ever since we had kids. We painstakingly set up schedules which rotated between families to be visited, trying to allot a reasonable amount of time with each so one set of grandparents doesn’t feel jilted.

I’ve mentioned before that I love my parents and my in-laws deeply, but cannot help but feel like there’s a competition between them for who gets to spend the most time with the grand-kids….especially since we STILL have the only grandchildren in either family.

So, we would usually switch out Thanksgiving and Easter. If we went to my parents this year for Thanksgiving, we would travel for Easter to my wife’s parents. Then we would switch next year. Smaller holidays would be played by ear.

Christmas was ALWAYS done at home though. That was ours. At least, of course until both sets of families decided to make sure they visited US.

It’s been a minor hell trying to schedule everything.

This year though….it is going to be different. I’m going to be selfish. My wife and I are supposed to go to my in-laws for Easter this year.

The trouble is, since they’re an hour and a half away, it isn’t easily turned into a day trip so overnights are required, especially with the little ones. And, since I work the ambulance on Friday nights, and PD on Sunday mornings, the visitation times are impractical.

I’m seeking to change that and not tell anyone. Except you. I think I can trust you not to rat me out.

One of the benefits of working full time now, is that if I can find someone to take the Sunday shift from me, I can get it off with pay. So I’ve started hunting for a replacement. IF I manage to get the day off, I’m also taking off the Friday night ambulance shift.

That will give me all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning as a break in what has become a pretty intense work schedule. And I don’t plan on sharing it with ANYONE except my family. We’re not going anywhere. Even though I’m freeing up the time so we COULD travel….we ain’t.

I’m staring the possibility of three whole days off with my wife and kids after what will be two straight months of 52-57 hour work weeks. As much as I love my extended family, I don’t want to deal with any of them over that short stint of the closest thing to a vacation I’ll have had in years.

But, I am worried that my in-laws will invite themselves up on Easter Sunday and ruin my plans. Or that MY family, who is very local, will ‘drop by.’  It is a feeling of fear as weighty as the joy at the prospect of some time off.

I need a plan.

I need a lie.

I need that f*ing time alone with my family.


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