It’s Okay To Be Wrong

The results from yesterday’s parent-teacher conferences are in. Academically, our little kindergartener is doing very well. He is doing spectacular in math, and his teacher described him as a ‘very kind and caring boy.’

He’s about average- where he should be with reading, although he’s hitting a minor stumbling block- his own bull-headed stubbornness. You see, the boy is very much his mother’s son. Things need to be ‘just so’ and absolutely right the first time. If he’s reading and comes across a word he doesn’t know, he’ll take a run at it. But if he doesn’t nail it the first time, all of a sudden, it is impossible, and he shuts down.

We are trying to teach him that he’s in school now because he DOESN’T know everything and that he’s there to learn. Making mistakes is part of learning.

He won’t have any of it. If he can’t read a word, or perfect a skill on the first try, “Its impossible” or “I’m just the worst.”

We can’t for the life of us figure out where he picked this up from. My wife has ALWAYS been encouraging of him, and I’m trying my damnedest not to push him too hard when we try new things.

His confidence level is his biggest problem right now. Even his teacher said that if he gets beyond that, he’ll be right up near the top of the class.

She related to us a story from the other day.

-For St. Patrick’s day, the teacher moved some things around in the classroom, as if a leprechaun has been there and played a trick on them. The ‘leprechaun’ also left a small plastic gold coin in each one of their cubbies. When the class got back, they were excited about the findings. The Narrator though, looked thoughtfully at the gold coin and noticed that it had a pirate stamp and treasure chest on it. (Those were the only coins the teacher had) He went to the teacher and said with narrowed eyes… “Mrs. C….this is pirate gold. I don’t think a leprechaun left this here.”

The teacher told us her reaction was “Uh oh…how do I get around THIS one?”

He’s bright, thoughtful, and kind, but needs to realize that he can’t be prefect.

His only other little setback he gets from me. No question. He’s constantly worried about the other kids in his class. He’s not ratting them out or anything, but he’s trying to help so often that he forgets to take care of himself.

I’ll help him with that….as soon as I figure out how correct it in myself first.

All in all, he’s doing very well and we’re extremely proud of him. I am a LITTLE annoyed though, apparently, at 5, his handwriting is already better than mine.


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