Planting Things: Pt. 1

I briefly mentioned in my last post that The Narrator and I have taken a whack at some horticulture. I know absolutely nothing about gardening. When I was a kid, my father scratched out a small plot of land in the rocky soil near the house and planted a few things like radishes, zucchini, and some tomatoes. My mother had planter boxes on the porch with flowers and such too, but as for me, the only thing I’ve been able to grow are various cultures of mold completely by accident when I forget about foodstuffs. This has lessened significantly since I’ve been married since my wife is not a slob and highly encourages me not to be as well.

We took a trip to the store a few weeks ago to pick out some seeds and supplies. We decided to start with things that could be initially cultivated in those little window pots, then transplanted later on. I wanted food, The Narrator wanted flowers. We got 8 little planter pots and put tomatoes in four of them, and flowers in the other four. We stuck them in what seems like the only window in the house that gets sun, and waited.

Lo and behold, after less than a week, there were signs of life. Our first flower pot began to sprout. He was overjoyed, and I was shocked. We’d managed to grow something. A few days later, all four of the flower pots began to sprout, and not long after that, the first tomato plant. Now, all eight pots have sprouted, and we both check them multiple times a day- as if there will be measurable progress between when we leave for work and school, and when we go to bed. I wish I could say it was just him doing it, but no…I’m just as bad.

My next step is going to figure out the transplanting. Where we live, the ground is nothing but rocks with some dirt scattered over the top of them. Not only that, but we’re renting the property and I don’t feel like digging up a patch of not-our-yard for a few tomato plants and some flowers, not to mention coming up with an elaborate system to protect them from the various wild animals which would gladly feed on anything green. With a plethora of deer, rabbits, groundhogs, and skunks, we’d be picked clean before the first flower bloom.

However, I think I’ve hit upon an absolutely brilliant solution which would not only solve the animal problem, but keep me from breaking my back and various gardening tools as I try to dig through the rock-garden that is our yard. Stay tuned, I think you’re going to like this.


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