Still Here!

Family life in the morning, working nights, and filling in the gaps with Ambulance shifts and a little bit of IT work….my time is monopolized by a lot of things that aren’t this blog.

But I’ll tell you something my friends…I’m happy.

The job is going great, the kids are getting bigger, smarter, and funnier every day, I’m catching up on all of the bills and payments that I’d gotten behind on in the time I spent un and under employed…and its getting warmer out.

There isn’t a day that goes by though, where something happens and I don’t think to myself “That would be a great blog topic,” but that usually happens while I’m driving somewhere, or have a kid sitting on me.

I always have my phone with me, but I’ll be honest- I LOATHE typing anything at all on a cell phone. The keyboard is always too small, autocorrect is a pain in the jimmies, and even Swype isn’t as effective as I’d like it to be, so updating on my phone is generally out of the question, leaving me to find time to sit at a computer and hammer out an update.

On the parenting front, we’re on the verge of potty training with the little guy. He’s starting to show an interest in the bathroom and what needs to be done there, and he’s gotten great at letting us know when he needs to be changed.

Since we are planning on him being our final child, the elimination of diapers from our lives forever will be a celebration akin to that of our wedding day.

The big one, The Narrator- is going through a lot right now. He is a highly sensitive child, and everything has an emotional impact on him. The other day, we were horsing around and I told him to stop sticking his finger in my ear. He began to cry, saying something like “I never do anything right!” You could chalk it up to overdramatics, but this is the sort of thing that happens all the time with a highly sensitive child, and dealing with it is extremely difficult. My wife is reading up on the matter, and her book will be required reading for me when she’s done. It has to be, because I often get reproachful looks for handling an emotional melt-down in what COULD be described as a manner a bit more gruffly than what is deemed helpful for a kid in his situation.

I’m working on it.

Our Easter holiday plans have deteriorated. Where I was hoping for four day off…I end up with one and a half.

I am working Sunday, it turns out my personal time doesn’t kick in for a whole YEAR, and Easter isn’t a paid holiday, so I’m not entitled to it off.

The good news is that we aren’t being visited by family. Bronchitis struck my in-laws just as we visited last week, so they’re all sick and plans to come up have been cancelled. The bad news is that The Narrator is getting sick now.

So while my time at home will be cut shorter than I wanted it to be, It still promises to be a quiet holiday with the immediate family, which is really what I wanted- no matter how long it ends up being.

If I’m not able to get back in here again for a while, I want everyone to have a Happy Easter and I hope the kickoff of the month of April finally signals the end of a long, miserable, brutal winter for you.

Back soon, with a scientific theory I’m working on that sheds light on a strange social norm, deeming it necessary for the survival of the human species.

…..Sometimes there’s a lot of time to ponder from the front seat of a patrol car.


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