Requesting Either Fast Forward Button, or a Mulligan.

We’re three days into a lousy week. The Narrator picked up a nasty cough and cold just before Easter and generously shared it with everyone. The house is a place of catastrophic misery right now. I’m dealing with some growing pains at work, nothing major, just finally getting a taste of a full work load for the first time in…..ages…and to ice the cake- the weather’s been fickle to the point of obnoxious. One day it’s touching 60 and sunny, the next….snowflakes and wind. Spring is getting brought into this world kicking and screaming, and Old Man Winter seems to be cheating death at every turn.

There’s a bright spot though, next weekend I’m meeting a friend of mine for a sportsman’s night out. We’re going to play raffles on some hunting equipment, drink a few beers, eat a couple of burgers, and forget about everything else for a bit.

I just need to get that far.


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