Croup, a Double Ear Infection, and the Myth of Sleep

As I mentioned in my last, quick update- the whole family’s been laid out with various illnesses. Tuesday, The Narrator seemed to be in the clear, so we packed him off to school, and scheduled Mini-Me an appointment with the doctor because he began to have a terrible cough.

Croup, it turns out, which makes him miserable, and completely wrecks the sleep cycle of everyone in the house with him. Tuesday night, I came home from work and found him snuggled up with my wife on the couch. I took him and put him down and we went to bed. Immediately following our heads hitting the pillows, The Narrator can be heard crying in his room.

We go in to find him clutching his head and moaning. Even knowing how overly-dramatic he can be, it was obvious he was in severe discomfort. We got him back to sleep, then tried again to get some rest ourselves. He woke up again, and I went in with him and got him back to sleep. Shortly thereafter, Croupy McBaby started to cough again. My wife attempted to bring his sick little butt into bed with us, but that NEVER works, and I ended up taking him back to his room and sleeping with him on the futon until 7am. Yesterday morning saw The Narrator sleeping until nearly 10am- and while I ran off to do a private computer job, my wife scheduled HIM for an appointment. I hustled home to put Mini-Me down for a nap while they were out at the doctor, and while I waited for them to come home, I readied myself for my 3-11 work shift.

Of course, last night didn’t go any better. Mini-Me woke up three times, and I ended up in with him all three times. Thankfully, Mr. Double Ear Infection slept all night long and woke up feeling pretty good.

In spite of his infections, he’s the healthiest of all of us right now. That is to say- he’s able to sleep, his cough is gone, and he isn’t running a nuclear grade fever.

Mini-Me is starting to come out of it- aside from his still obnoxious cough, he was his ‘normal’ self this morning.

Only Mommy and I remain at death’s door. Between my getting up all night to take care of the boys, rushing around during the day, and working at night- and HER parenting all day and working hard to get Etsy orders filled, neither of us is getting much sleep, so even the mildest of maladies has become augmented into fairly crippling sicknesses.

This is one of those things they never bother to tell you about parenting. When your kids get sick, you’ll get sicker, and the chain of care stops right with you. When your little bundles of joy become mewling balls of misery, you’ll do everything you can to help them. You don’t think twice about getting out of bed multiple times a night, or cradling a pain-ridden five year old until either the medicine kicks in or he cries himself to sleep. None of that bothers you. But it all catches up in the end. Not only will you most likely pick up a mutated version of whatever ailed the little darlings in the first place, but it’ll stack up right on top of an exhausted body, and you’re left not only to fend for yourself, but to NOW deal with healthy, lunatic children while you’re at the height of a sleepless suffering.

I’ve said it before people, parenting is glamor. The absolute height of what life can be.


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