Luck of The Draw

The other night I took a break. An honest-to-God break. A buddy of mine is highly active in the conservation group Ducks Unlimited and they were hosting a “Sportsman’s Night Out” – a raffle event with the proceeds going towards wetland preservation. There would be beer, food, and friends. I brought along my youngest brother in law, and we went up to kick back for a little while. Even my wife told me. “Go. Spend money. Have fun.”

So I did.

Immediately upon entering the door there was a table selling “Super Raffle” tickets. $100 got you $150 worth of raffle tickets, plus a set of filet knives and some other branded trinkets. I bought in, and by the time we sat down for the raffles, I had dropped nearly $150 on that and a few other various raffles. The prizes were pretty cool, and again- the money was going to a great cause. My brother in law milled around a bit, but didn’t really pick up any tickets. He isn’t a huge hunter (yet, I’m working on it) but he was having fun all the same.

We came to a booth where they had a shooting simulator- basically an arcade game on a bigger screen. $10 got you a chance at the game, and a raffle ticket to win a rifle. He had no real interest in the raffle, but wanted to try his hand at the simulator. $10 spent, he got his ticket and proceeded to astound everyone around us with his skills at the sim. (His father is a firearms instructor, he grew up shooting.)

Raffle time, and we sat down with our food. My $150 worth of stubs are lined up in front of me.

I struck it lucky for one of the smaller prizes, but lost out on all the ones I had really been interested in. Then came the draw from the simulator booth. Mat says “Oh, hey, I’m in this one.”

They call the winning number.

“Damn! Mat says, I missed it by one. I have 00225.” We laughed and waited for the winner to claim the rifle. Nobody got up.
“00224? No? Okay, we’ll draw another one……How about…01327!”
….again….no answer. The drawer looked astonished.
“Nobody wants a rifle? Okay, third time’s the charm!……00225!”
“Hey! That’s me!”

Sure enough, Mat had the winning ticket, on the THIRD draw of the raffle, and SEQUENTIAL to the first ticket drawn…on the ONLY ticket he bought all night.

Some people say there’s no such thing as luck. I don’t believe that for a second.

The night over, we headed home. I had a great time and am already planning on going back next year. I’m grateful for my buddy who turned me on to the whole thing. I don’t even mind having spent the money because again- the cause was good and the chance to get away for just a few hours and relax was worth every damn dime.


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