Planting Things- Part 2. (A Setback?)

Several weeks back, I posted about The Narrator and I deciding we were going to take a whack at some gardening. Our seedlings in all 8 pots sprouted, with the four tomato plants growing faster than I ever thought possible.

Here they are last week:

Fresh after Repotting

The four flower pots might be a problem, it MIGHT be that I stuck too many seeds in too small an area, so while they’ve sprouted nicely, I’m worried they’re in too dense a space. I’ve already repotted all 8 seedlings.

Every morning we checked our plants with pride. Every morning nothing has died is a victory.
Everything is still inside, I’ve yet to make the move to the outdoors with them since I haven’t gotten around to building the elaborate contraption we need to keep from digging into the rock-laden back yard.

You may recall that in the original post, I mentioned that this was something completely new for us. I even joked that the only thing I had been capable of growing to this point was mold.

Well, yesterday morning we woke up and found…..

A freakin mushroom. The speed at which it grew was amazing. It had not been there the day before when my wife watered the plants, and the picture above is the first time we saw it. I know mushrooms can grow quickly, but this surprised me.

We left it there, and this morning it was dead, slumped over and shriveling.

I’m in the middle of doing research to find out if the presence of fungus in houseplants is bad news, a harbinger of death….or nothing to worry about. Again, knowing absolutely nothing about growing things, and knowing the fungus usually occurs on rot…my 2+2 logic is leading me to believe that this single shroom isn’t good news…but time will tell.

Stay tuned for ‘the project’ – in which I construct a contraption which will allow outside planting of these things without uprooting every rock in the Catskills.


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