Let’s All Have A Tea Party!

While working a slow shift tonight, I decided I needed something to drink. The salt from my Chinese food dinner grabbed me hard and I was parched.
I stopped into the local gas station, the only place open in town at 9 pm on a week night in the off-season.

Lately I’ve been drinking more than my fair share of Arizona Green Tea, and grabbed a bottle from the cooler. At the counter are two young girls, a trainee and her more experienced partner. The trainee takes my drink and looks at the register.

“Hmm. What does this get rung up as? “
Her partner looks over. “Grocery?”
“No.” The trainee says. “It has to be tea, so it isnt taxed.”
The trainer looks at her, confused.
You can’t tax tea remember? The Boston Tea Party?”

….this immediately followed the lady who tried to tell me that her dog unlocked the car door from the inside, allowing medication to be stolen from therein.

I absolutely adore my job sometimes.


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