Allergies? Sick? Either Way- Damn.

The other day I noticed the onset of some symptoms that people who face allergies time of year complain of. Runny nose, congestion, and so forth.

I was horrified.

You see, not only have I never had seasonal allergies, but I’ve always been sort of a (good-natured of course) jerk-knuckle to those who have.

“Hey, look, I can go outside without my body trying to kill me!”
“Don’t hate pollen because you were cursed with defective genetics!”

You know, the sort of thing that makes one unbearable to be around while you’re suffering.

My wife, who DOES suffer from seasonal allergies and who has threatened to liquidate my existence if I continued my ridicule, immediately turned the tables on me.

“What NOW, Mr. Superior Genetics? Sucks doesn’t it?”

…and so forth, with the sort of loving support that one gets from a spouse when dealing with physical agony.

About ready to cave and admit that I have, for all these years- been something of a jerk now that I had joined the ranks of the seasonal-allergy sufferers, more symptoms arrived. It turns out I have a spring-time cold and NOT allergies.

This is not cause for celebration. Springtime colds have a tendency to be worse than the wintertime ones as far as I’m concerned. Plus, when you get sick in the spring, everyone else who is happy and healthy and enjoying the wonderful weather has a tendency to pick on you when you’re down for the count. It really is very rude and wholly unnecessary.

So here I sit, about ready to go to work tonight with my head rapidly and constantly filling with mucus, and a cough that seems to choose the most inopportune times to manifest itself, like when I get of the car for a traffic stop, or am on the phone with dispatch…fun and exciting times that make my job so very much more difficult to do.

I did get out and mow the lawn today and while I was out there, the symptoms of my cold seemed to fade for a while and I was able to get the work done without feeling like I was going to pass away. This has happened before too. I remember one time I went out to cut the grass with one hell of a hangover, and came back in feeling like a million bucks. I am starting to firmly believe that the outdoors is as much a medication for what ails you as anything you might get in a grocery store.

….unless of course you have allergies…then you’re pretty much boned.


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