Fitbit Thinks Actual Work Is Sleepy Time.

My wife knows my love of gadgetry. For my birthday this year, she bought me a fitbit flex, the little bracelet thingy that measures your steps for the day, calories burned, time active, and so much more that I’m still figuring out.

One of the cool things about it is the ability to put it into ‘sleep mode.’ Basically, you tap the bejezus out of it for a second or two to chance the mode, and it begins to measure your resting time. It gives a pretty good account of how much time you spend actually resting, how many times you wake up, and how much time you spend being restless.

It really is a nifty little thing that I’ve gotten used to wearing for near on two weeks.

Trouble is, the gizmo seems to be geared toward people who ‘work out’ and not people who ‘work.’

The other day, when I was building the wooden frame for our new sub-panel upgrade, I was hammering in some finish nails to hold the wood panel to the frame itself. Fitbit vibrated, and when I looked at it, It had switched itself to sleep mode. “Dammit, fluke.” I thought and moved on.

Yesterday though, while I was working on replacing some plywood panels near the floor at the front of the vanity, I was using a drill to put screws in. Again….vibrate. Sleep mode.

Now, part of me thinks this is my own fault. Fitbit recommends wearing devices on non-dominant wrists. BUT…I tried that when I first got it, and my non-dominant hand is the one I have on the steering wheel most of the time when I’m driving, and the unit thought I had walked 6 or 8 times more steps than I actually did that day. I switched it, and the step counter seemed more accurate, but now actual work confuses it.

We’re still figuring out the subtle nuances of the thing, but even if I can’t hash out the ‘hammer time = sleep time’ issue, it still gives me a rough sense of what I’m doing each day, and how I’m doing at night….that is….when I remember to put the damn thing in sleep mode on my own.

It’s fun and giving me a pretty good glimpse into what goes on for me at a daily clip.

….fun fact too- mowing the lawn also confuses the step counter. I rode the mower for an hour and logged not only 3,000 steps, but 52 minutes of ‘activity.’

Like I said, our relationship is a work in progress.


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