Brain Not Work. Make Fire.

What in the name of every deity that has ever been worshiped since the dawn of the concept of religion has gotten into people?

Our state has, for over a month now- been advertising a ‘burn ban’ as they always do this time of year. Essentially, when it gets dry but still is windy, the conditions become perfect for brush fires.

Apparently, there are a number of people who must believe that this ban applies to everyone but them. Some joker downstate was burning brush and managed to create a 2,400 acre forest fire that has firefighters from all over the state responding to it. It’s been near a week and they’re ALMOST finished containing it.

Our little area yesterday had two separate brush fires which were started again- by some dumbass whose capacity for thought is smaller than his capacity for calamity. A small one was taken care of pretty quickly, and a larger one that spread over 100 acres and required manpower and equipment from all over the county to contain. My department got called out to assist, but I was working PD so I could only watch mournfully as the trucks rolled off the floor.

They were on scene for around 8 hours with dozens of other firefighters containing it as it spread into state forest land. NYS lifted the ban on motorized vehicles for the park to allow people with ATVs to get into the woods and put a lid on it.

…..I know the weather is nice, but exactly how cretinous do you need to be to not realize what you’re getting into by having a cook fire (which is not covered by the ban) with flames 8 feet high?

These people are burning the brush and limbs which had been torn from the trees over the winter, and calling it a ‘cook fire’ when authorities show up. Even the legitimate cooking fires are fairly foolish. Why take a chance? Use the damn grill and wait a few weeks would you?

But no. Rules and laws have a magical way of not applying to those who really should be obeying them most.

My point today, I suppose is merely to rant about people with no sense of what is not only right and wrong, but what is a good idea vs. a bad idea.

….I guess I should be grateful on some level. They keep me employed.

Use your noodles readers…..if the conditions aren’t right, or there’s a ban in place…don’t burn anything outside. Or I’m going to send Smokey the Bear to your house to gnaw on your limbs.


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