An Epic Battle on The Living Room Rug. Lego-Style.

The Narrator and I dug into my old Legos, and decided to make one large castle out of some of the many sets I used to have. We worked for several days building towers, dungeons, a throne room, and all kinds of neat little things. In fact, even with the events that are to be chronicled below, I don’t know if it is done yet. We may keep building.

The Narrator is poised for his first Lego battle, and it would prove to be one of epic proportions.

Here, the King sits in his throne room, and is about to find out that his castle is under attack.

From pirates! ….and, also from what appears to be a smattering of his own men too? Who knows. War is hell.

The brave King orders his main gate to be thrown open, and orders an attack on the invading hoard.

His Majesty bravely engages the Pirate Captain in a struggle whose outcome was not only undecided, but inconsequential.

In the fray, men are lost. The fallen look so peaceful. Their fight is at an end.

Prisoners are taken

Quickly, the small prison cell is filled to capacity with enemy POWs.

The resourceful knights and their soldier allies (who played literally NO part in the actual fight) improvise, and the stable is cleared of horses and turned into a makeshift dungeon. The chaos is so intense, that not only are the enemy combatants not disarmed, but a few of the good guys ended up in there too. They’re all laying down because combat is exhausting.

Outside, the battle rages on brutally. Its horrors nearly incomprehensible.

The dragons are called, wreaking havoc on the Pirate army.

Not all of the King’s troops are seasoned veterans though. Some are still trying to figure out the rudiments of their weaponry.

And some are less than thrilled at the prospect of fighting with swords against an enemy armed with guns and flee the line.

….In every battle, there’s always that one guy who enjoys himself too much and makes everything weird and uncomfortable for everyone.

Oh, great. That guy brought his pet dragon along.

Of course, not ALL the participants are willing combatants. Some managed to find a few barrels of wine, and decided to settle their differences in a much more fun manner.

Some pause to wonder, just exactly what the hell they’re doing there.

In the end… Pirate and knight alike, their fate is all the same. Staged in the dungeon before ending up back in the bucket.

Here, Mini-Me is seen taking a keen interest in the battle. Discord is his middle name after all.

Between finishing the castle and staging the battle, we played with Lego for quite a long time. For The Narrator, it was fun. For me, it was like going back in time. He was me when I was his age. I was my father, sitting on the blue carpet in our living room, painstakingly following the directions for the newest castle my parents had gotten me for my birthday or Christmas.

Lego was a massive part of my childhood. And now that it seems to be a significant piece of The Narrator’s….it hasn’t exactly escaped my adulthood.


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