Awful Timing.

I write this sitting in a lobby where I await my interview.  I am nearly half an hour early, which is walking the line between ‘professionally acceptable’ and ‘what’s that weirdo still doing sitting out there?’

All week long I had no concerns whatsoever about this. No sweat. I got this.

As I parked my car though……my stomach knotted. Bam. Just like that. All the nerves that I SHOULD have been stuck with all week flooded me at once.

And since I am so damn early, all I can do is sit here and gnaw on the worry. And tell you about it in an effort to deflect a bit.

Ugh. I feel like a green kid all over again.


2 thoughts on “Awful Timing.

  1. Thanks! Weirdly, I don’t think it went off that badly. I was incredibly nervous the whole time, but the panel I interviewed with made it very comfortable and I was able to relax a little. I don’t think I knocked it out of the park by any means, but at the same time I don’t think I screwed it up as badly as some of the others I’ve done.

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