See You on the 19th.

AD is taking a small break.
Actually, it isn’t a break so much as it is “He ain’t gonna have time for a while.”

In the two weeks between now and June 19th, I’ll be working somewhere around 135 hours, or roughly two back-to-back 65 hour work weeks with no days off.

It’s festival time here in the mountains again, and I’ve been asked to work security for two events on consecutive weekends.

This is a good thing, and a terrible thing. Good, because the added coin that will be coming in is always nice. Bad because virtually all of my time between now and the 19th has been monopolized. If I’m not working, I’m sleeping. Or maybe eating. If I’m lucky.

My lovely and beautiful wife is not happy. Not only am I not going to be home very much, but she’s of the opinion that I’m pushing myself too hard.

She’s probably right, and I promised that when these two weeks are over, I will not be picking up any extra work, and I may even be eliminating the ambulance shifts all together in the near future.

Anyway. The point is, I’m going on a short hiatus born out of necessity. I may find a spare moment or two to duck in, but if I don’t, please don’t think I’ve abandoned this little corner of the web.

That isn’t to say that I’ll be completely out of the loop. One of the benefits of this world we live in is that the wordpress app on my phone gives me perfect access to my reader, even if the ‘update’ function is a pain in the neck to use, since I detest typing on that tiny sliver of a screen more than I have to.

So, until I get back, keep writing, keep the coffee warm, and keep in mind the dumb sap who doesn’t seem to know when ‘enough’ blossoms into ‘too much.’

See you when I see you.



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