Woah. Time Out.

I lucked out and managed to wrangle a little time off this morning. Originally, I’d taken off next friday from my IT job so I could wile away the hours in the morning packing for my 3 day hiking trip that is upcoming. Then, my wife reminded me that The Narrator’s Kindergarten class has its end of year picnic and grandparent’s day celebration today.

I called my boss and asked to switch the days off. I apologized for messing things up. To which he said: “I’ve already planned coverage for next week, and I’ll make this week work. Plan on taking them both off if you want.” You simply don’t find too many bosses like that.

So. I get out of IT this morning and get to go to the kid’s picnic. I’m not completely off the hook, I still have a 3-11 security shift at an event that promises to be a giant, insane affair. Simply look at the lineup for the weekend:


Toby Kieth, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Sara Evans…..our rural little town is going to be overrun with country music fans. Plus, since most of them are camping at or near the venue, once the music ends, that isn’t a signal for everyone to go to bed and relax. Oh no. It’s going to be interesting.

I work there tonight and tomorrow night with my mornings off. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see any of the acts or even hob-nob with them in a security capacity, since I’ll most likely be working in a parking lot for my shifts. Those shifts by the way, are 8 hours on my feet with maybe a 10 minute break to wolf down what is usually a cold dinner served up by a supervisor on a golf cart who says “When you get a chance, here’s dinner.” Last year I remember myself and my partner splitting a twelve inch sub while we worked. There was no actual break. Not that the company we work for didn’t want us to take one, but because the nature of the job didn’t allow for it.
In spite of the incredibly hard work and very moderate pay….it’s a few extra bucks and its a ton of fun, so I don’t really mind any of it.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be up early, hopefully with The Narrator so we can go fishing again. He doesn’t seem too keen to go out, so I’ll have to prod him a bit. I think his tune will change once we’re out on the water. It’s either fish, or yard work.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to July. The Narrator will be home on summer break, and my schedule returns to normal, which means my number of hours with him each day will skyrocket. I hope to make the most of it.

I’ve got a real break planned for next weekend. Myself and a few other guys are heading into the Adirondacks for a long weekend of hiking, camping, and unwinding. I’ve taken a day off from the PD, banged in on my Friday night ambulance shift, and am amped to spend some time decompressing.

The only thing is….I’m going to need YOUR help when I get back. I’ll need to figure something nice to do for my wife, who is not only being incredibly patient while I’m off at these security shifts, but had happily green-lighted my trip to the mountains….all the while shouldering the kids while I’m off. So, yeah. I know a lot of my readers are fellow parents, including a number of mothers, so I’m going to be actively seeking suggestions for something I can do to show her that I appreciate her patience, and I’m not always an insensitive boob. Mull it over for a while, come up with a few ideas, and let me know what you come up with when I come begging for help in saving my marriage.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Make the most of it. After all, you’ll never get it back once its over.


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