I’ve spent the last three days working working with a buddy of mine who does some landscaping and contracting. The bulk of my work has been laboring.  You know, cleaning leaf litter, digging holes for planting, raking stone, that sort of thing.

I came home this afternoon to find my wife had finally had enough with the two massive rhotodendron plants that flank our front porch. The plants have been sprawling unchecked for some time and were starting to encroach on the porch itself. She took a pair of shears and was in the midst of hacking them to more manageable size when I came in. On the ground were two massive piles of leaf litter. Sheared branches, demolished leaves, and for good measure, a lot of the decomposing undergrowth.

“Looks good hon. But what are you going to do with the leaf litter?” I asked, curious…and not for no reason either. She’s got a habit of raking leaves, grass clippings, pine cones, etc….into piles, then leaving them there, so that when I get around to finally picking it all up, the grass is good and dead.

“Oh you’re taking care of that. Where are you dumping it?”

Damn it.


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