Blowing Off The Dust

I’ve been busier now that I’m out of work than I was when I was working. The thing about working full-time is having a predictable schedule. When that goes away, you’re at the mercy of whatever comes up. I still have two days a week working IT, and I’m doing two days a week with a friend of mine who works landscaping and property maintenance, leaving one day open for interpretation and job hunting.

Mix in the family stuff and you’ve got a recipe for hectic.

Aside from me mewling about work, there wouldn’t be a lot that’s been worth mentioning here. Lack of content and time has seen this blog take a seat for a while. Once I start interviewing again, I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about, but right now, all I’m doing is spinning my wheels in a world that bears no interest to anyone actually involved, and would be even less interesting to anyone on the outside looking in.

I’m on the ‘downs’ ride of “Life’s ups and downs,” but I’ve been here before and know that these rides don’t last forever. At least not if you’re willing to bust your ass to climb back up.

Here’s to ass-busting.

Thanks for dropping in.


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