An Astounding Coincidence

It’s 3:15am here, but I wanted to share a quick story before I go to bed, it’s too cool not to share.

The security company I do work for on the side had asked me to work a shift at a party on the waterfront tonight. The hours were from 5PM to 2AM. The supervisor is from the same town I am, and he told me we could carpool to the event, he would drive.

I got to our meeting point ahead of him and sat in my car waiting. As I did, I noticed a bobby pin sitting on the floor near the floor mat. I have no idea how it got there, or when. My wife doesn’t ride in my car. The only thing I could think of is that it had belonged to my brother-in-law’s wife, he used to own that car and I haven’t been that great about cleaning it out, it’s my work car, our banger.

I digress.

I picked up the bobby pin and looked at it. Rather than toss it away, I slid it into my pocket, laughably saying “Eh, you never know when you’ll have to pick a lock.”

….fast forward to about 11PM tonight as the party is winding down, and I get called to handle a guy who had locked himself in the bathroom, and passed out drunk.

I got there and a couple of other drunk guys are contemplating kicking in the door to rescue the guy inside. I told them that wasn’t necessary, we would get the door open….holy crap….my bobby pin!

In seconds I had picked the lock with it, and had the door open. I shook awake the drunk on the floor and got him out of there.

I had never noticed that pin there, I have NEVER needed to pick a lock before, and have no idea why I picked it up at all…but it’s a good thing I did, as it makes a cool little story.

…aaaaand goodnight.


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