“Meth Mouth”

The Narrator is going through a bit where he’s losing his baby teeth. The first two to go were the bottom two fronts. The other day he pulled out one of the top fronts and immediately went to work on the one next to it.

He wiggled and woggled it for some time, to the point where it was hanging very low and incredibly crooked. However, it was either still pretty attached at one end or he got squeamish about pulling it out. As a result, he looked…..hilarious.

When he talked, you could see the one snaggled tooth hanging down, with a massive space next to it where the first tooth had been, and the rest of his baby teeth spaced out ready for their turn to make an exit. He looked almost exactly like those pictures of meth addicts who have lost and broken teeth. A comparison that my wife didn’t find as funny as I did.

Finally, this morning, he yanked out the wiggler, and looks like a normal kid again. A normal, toothless kid that appears to be growing up just a tad too fast.


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