Peaches Galore!

Right now I’m working alongside a contractor whose father is a real salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. He raises chickens, has a mini-fruit orchard in his back yard, composts, and takes all the firewood he can lay his hands on for heating his home in the winter. He’s a hell of a guy, the sort that knows the value of a hard day’s work, and even at 70, isn’t afraid to put one in himself. I like the guy a lot and have a ton of respect for him.
A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to him that if his peach trees bore enough fruit this year, I’d be interested in buying some from him- both of my boys are huge fruit eaters, and peaches have always been my favorite.

This morning I stopped at the house to pick up some equipment for the house painting job I’m on, and he comes out with two plastic bags. “Come with me” he says. We go out to his orchard and his trees are literally bulging with peaches. The branches are so heavy, that limbs are cracking under the weight. “Take all you want.” he tells me.

So right there, at eight o’clock in the morning I’m picking fresh peaches off of the trees, and was promised even more in a week or two.

He’s got such a harvest this year, he can’t even give them away fast enough.

…Trouble is, I now have more peaches than I know what to do with, and even more than we can all eat before they start to soften and turn.

They’re delicious. The best peaches I’ve ever eaten. Sweet, juicy, amazing.


I’m frantically googling for recipe ideas, but all that I’m finding are way above the novice level that I’m at. There’s a peach wine that looks promising, but other than that….

Does anyone have any favorite ways to prepare/use/eat peaches?


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