The Waiting Game

I have another job interview next week. I’m currently waiting to see if I’ve been picked up by the job I interviewed for a few weeks ago. I’m also waiting to see if I get canvassed by any other jobs before the civil service lists run out and I have to test again. I’m never bored, that’s for sure, but at the same time, all the waiting has a tendency to drive anxiety through the roof.

I’m confident that something will come along, but man, I’ll tell you, the uncertainty is worst than not having a job.

When I interview for places, some of them are kind enough to send letters saying the positions was filled, thanks for the interest. Other places, well, you never hear from them again, and you wonder for weeks or months if you missed out or if their selection process is honestly taking this long.

We’ll get something, somewhere, I know it. I know that whatever I do get will be worth the wait. But I do wish that something would happen soon.

I’m exhausted.

…on an unrelated note, I took keys off of the keyboard of my laptop to clean it out a bit, and managed to mess up the damn space bar. One half of it works flawlessly, the other side sticks. I either need to figure out how to fix it, or train myself to hit it with my other hand so I get a space whenever I need it.


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