“How’d The Interview Go?”

I had another interview today, for a job that I think would suit me wonderfully. It would stand a good chance of being the last place I ever work. The campus is beautiful, the people were extremely nice, and the overall culture of the place was…..comfortable.

Thing is, I don’t know how the interview went or what my chances are of landing the job. In the last few months I’ve done a few of these things, and walked away from at least two of them thinking they went very, very well. However, as you can see, I’m still doing them so they obviously didn’t turn out THAT well.

So I’m not hazarding a guess anymore. I’m not getting my hopes up any more either. I’ve interviewed for a couple of jobs that I’ve wanted very badly and ended up with a swing and a miss.

I’ve taken a different approach to this one too- before I went only a handful of people knew about it. Mostly because I didn’t care to have to answer the “How’d it go?” question 38 times from people who- most of them anyway- don’t actually care. The question is an automatic reflex to finding out someone tried for a job. Almost as robotic as the old “How you doing?” question we ask when we see someone in passing. Pleasantry, and nothing more.

As my approach to this one was different, so was the interview itself though. Usually, you sit in front of a panel of people from the job who grill you for what seems like a very long time, they all shake your hand, and you leave.

This time though, I did the usual panel interview, met with the chief, then was ushered off to meet with a representative from Student Life, under whom the campus police falls. This was a much less formal meeting, and the woman though friendly, was impossible to read. This said, I liked her a lot. Straight-forward, no-nonsense type of lady that I think would be a breath of fresh air to work for.

After that, one of the Lieutenants packed me off into a car and gave me a tour of the campus, which is fairly sprawling.

The entire experience was a pleasant one. Stressful, because yeah…I was going for my dream job, a fact that was never lost on me for a second. Still, I actually had a good time interacting with the people that I stand a chance of working for instead of the whole place being an enigma beyond a small room with five people firing questions designed to feel me out.

If you feel like you have to ask how it went, I don’t know. Time will tell. I do know that I don’t feel like my day was wasted. Stay tuned. As soon as I know, you’ll know.


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