History Induced Paranoia

When I got my job offer today, rather than be 100% elated, I immediately began wondering what the hell would go wrong for me between now and when I start my first shift in my dream job.

You see folks- I have a talent. I am able to find ways to fail at things that are sure wins.

My last job should have been a slam dunk. But I ended up leaving it. A few interviews before that, I was a great candidate for another pretty spectacular job, but was told “Eh….not now.”
I replied to a canvass letter for a school where I had THREE people on the inside pulling for me, and the bottom fell out.

My very first job out of college was paying me $43K a year and we were doing pretty great…..but the position was eliminated.

I feel like a bowling pin sometimes. Set up only to be knocked down again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely thrilled to have been offered this job- but there’s a part of me that will be completely wary until the day they hand me a badge and say “Welcome aboard.”

I’m probably going to sleep worse tonight than I have been without having had a solid job lined up.


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