Mouse Hunt. Alternative Title: “I am a Genius”

On occasion, our old little house has an unwelcome visitor. This was more of an issue right after we moved in, as it had been vacant for a few years before that and the critters had managed to find their way into the place through a number of means. A few months with our two cats, a couple of traps, and some careful sealing of entry points managed to solve the problem for the most part.

However, every now and then one of the little jerks gets clever- much to the absolute joy of my poor wife.

Yesterday while I was at work, I got a panicked message from her saying there had been a mouse under the couch. It had run out, got confused, and run into the closet in the living room. Our two master hunter cats never saw it leave, and continued to stalk the underside of the couch….for two hours.

Knowing there was no escape from the closet other than the door, I told her to seal the underside until I got home and I would take care of it.

Some duct tape and heavy books later, the job was done and Mickey was locked in for a few hours.

When I got home, The Narrator elected to stay home with me while my wife took the little guy out for some errands. His job was to watch for the escaping mouse from the safety of the couch while I slowly took everything out of the closet in an effort to flush it out.

Before I did anything though, I had a brainwave.

We’d tried several different types of mouse trap in the house, from the sticky ones which are cruel but HIGHLY effective, to these things:

– which we determined were pretty much worthless, having never caught anything in them.

But, because of their shape, I thought they might prove useful in this case. I took two of them and put one along the wall on each side of the closet door. Mice might be smart, but they’re not going to run across an open floor with two predator cats hanging around. They’re going to run along the wall and look for a place to hide.


I mean, that was an educated guess based on some Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Slowly I emptied the closet until just a small shelving unit and section of carpet were left. No sign of Mickey. I lifted the shelving unit and hear my lookout.


Out it dashes. It makes a wide arc around my carefully placed trap, and runs. Then, as if it registers in its tiny brain that it had seen a safe place, he doubles back and dashes….RIGHT INTO THE TRAP!

There was no audible sound, so I thought he was merely hiding in there, not having gone back into it far enough to trip the trap. I was wrong though. Not only did he trip it, but it worked flawlessly, and our job was done.

This was successful for two reasons.

  1. Mr. Mouse was no more.
  2. The Narrator thought I was a friggin genius for having the whole operation go exactly as planned for once.

When I was a kid, we used to eradicate mice from my sister’s horse barn all the time. There was the errant one in the house too. The hunt always involved some level of chasing, swinging blunt objects, or trying to clumsily stomp on one as it zigged and zagged through obstacles. This time though? Literally no effort was expended to solve the problem….except for the mandatory vacuuming and reorganization of the closet as I put it all back where it came from.

Stay tuned- AD’s got a LOT to talk about in the upcoming days. Things have been chaotic- in both a good way, and a not-so-good way.


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