Productive Day.

Yesterday was shockingly productive for what should have been a lazy Sunday. I was on call all day, so I couldn’t actually go anywhere, which gave me an opportunity to get things done around the house. I pulled the air conditioners out and replaced the screens in the windows. Then The Narrator and I bottled two gallons of home-brew beer that I put in last week. Turns out, the kid’s got a pretty good knack for the chores associated with brewing beer.

After that came the big project, and I wish I’d had taken pictures, but I was too busy.

Three years ago we bought a couch and love seat combination for the living room. When we did, we made three errors.

  1. We bought it from a place called “Furniture Liquidators”
  2. We bought it online, never actually seeing it.
  3. We paid $700 total for both pieces.

These three errors led to a set which barely lasted us these last three years. Cushions sagged, stitches tore, and between the drooling, the various food items, and things associated with small children, they started to develop a funk. They really were cheap pieces. So, my wife decided it was time to get new ones. On Saturday we ended up buying a couch and recliner set which we’re all pretty excited about. I’m a wreck since we paid over TWICE for these two pieces what we did for the original set that’s being replaced…in a time when I’m not making a hell of a lot of money, and the future job is still up in the air.

However our family’s CFO (Wife) has assured me that we had enough socked away for just such occasions. If she says so, I believe it.

The trouble became the removal of the old ones. We left the love seat in the house for now because it was in better shape than the couch, and we needed something to sit on until the new ones are delivered. Getting the old couch out was going to prove a challenge, since getting it IN required the movers to take doors off hinges, and do some creative maneuvering that my wife and I were not capable of.

So I got a hot idea.

Out came the hammer and razor knife.

Inside of an hour the thing was reduced to components and laid out in piles in the front lawn. One pile was the fluff and stuff, which we are going to smuggle into the weekly trash pickup, and the other pile is the wooden frame, which I’ll burn in the fire pit, thus saving us a fair chunk of change on tipping fees at the dump, and I got to destroy something.

And, not a single call came through on my 24 hour shift, so I didn’t end up rushing out anywhere all day. Tethered home, I relaxed a little, and got a lot done at the same time, both great distractions from the impending news about this new job….IF it still comes to fruition.


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