“As Long as He’s Healthy and Not Crazy…..”

If you’ve been with me a while, you know that I’m very young into a career in law enforcement. I left my first department a few months ago for personal reasons and started to interview at various other places. One of which quickly became my dream job. The location was close enough we wouldn’t have to move, the community was small, the agency is thoroughly professional, so on and so forth.

Two days after I interviewed, I got a phone call asking me if I wanted to work for them. I very excitedly agreed.

I filled out a ton of paperwork and even drove some back to the place to return it rather than wait for the mail to do it. Then…everything went quiet. No more contact.

Until the other day. I got a text message from the chief at my old department.

“The chief from <Agency Name Redacted> will be here tomorrow for your background investigation.”

Oh crap.

The reason I worried, was because the chief at the old agency- as good as he was- didn’t care for me, and I know this. He told me I was “cocky” “argumentative” and “come off as harsh.” None of these adjectives have ever been used to describe me before in my life. (okay, MAYBE argumentative) We worked together professionally without too much trouble, but there just wasn’t a personal connection there.

Now I have him meeting with the potential new employer who doesn’t know me but for some resume paperwork and a short interview.

I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that things weren’t going to go well.

To distract myself, I spent the day pressing apple cider with my father.

Somewhere around noon, my phone goes off. My wife is calling me.

“You need to check your messages. Right now.”

At one point, my wife was at home and sees an SUV with my prospective agency’s markings on it. We live on a dead end road with nobody else there unless its a weekend, so it wasn’t long before the vehicle was on its way back down the road. This time, my wife was at the door and waves. The occupants wave back, then stop.

The chief himself gets out and introduces himself. As part of the background investigation, he was out looking to interview my neighbors to make sure I’m not a kook-ball. My wife apologized and said we HAD no neighbors.

They spoke briefly and she mentioned I was getting worried because the process of hiring was taking so long. To which the chief replied that ‘yes, it does take a while.’ He then basically told her the job is mine as soon as I receive something in the mail with instructions for my next step, and take and pass a physical and a psychological exam.

He literally told her “as long as he’s healthy and not crazy, the job is his.”

So while we haven’t crossed any milestone bridges yet, I can see them right ahead of me, and the way looks pretty clear.
And on the other side? Something I’ve only been able to dream about. The job I want to do, in the place I want to do it, which provides for my family and grants me a sense of self-worth that I’ve never felt in my professional life to date.

So now, I’m waiting on the paperwork in the mail so I can set up the remaining hurdles I have to clear. But the steps I was ‘concerned’ about- the chief’s meeting seems to have gone my way.

You won’t catch me celebrating until the day I put on a new uniform and start working, but if things continue along this path, that might not be that far away after all.


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