Rainy Day Plans.

Wednesdays are my day off from the IT job, and there’s no indication of when the new job is supposed to start yet. Usually I fill the empty day in with some contracting work, but we’re in middle of a two day rain-fest that is doing wonders for my tomatoes, but completely demolishing morale in the house.

Mini-Me is cooped up and rambunctious without his older brother to bother, My wife has several Etsy shop orders she’s working on, and I’ve got nothing to do.

The dreary weather forced a decision on me. If I have no commitments today, I’m going to take it easy damn it. My #1 priority is keeping Mini-Me occupied so he isn’t bothering his mother while she stitches her way through the orders she’s got. Thankfully, he’s getting old enough to play by himself a little, so even my main concern isn’t that pressing.

I did pack Mini-Me into the car this morning and make a drive to the store to pick up some soup. If ever there was a day to eat soup, this is it. Gloomy, rainy, and not altogether that warm out, no other food struck me as appropriate this morning as I planned out feeding time.

As I write this, the little guy is happily eating chicken and rice while I long for lunch time so I can eat some new england clam chowder.

Normally a devotee of coffee, I’m on tea today. Again, its just that kind of day. Coffee helps me function, tea helps me relax. A while back I bought some chamomile to help me unwind and get some sleep while I was firmly between jobs. I don’t know if the stuff works as advertised, but it is delicious.

So, that’s the plan today. Soup, kid, tea, and relaxing in the brand new recliner.

There are worse ways to spend a rainy day.

Actual content resumes tomorrow. Probably.


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