AD Takes One to the Jaw From Mighty Monday

Good morning.

I trust everyone had a good weekend. I did. That is to say, I didn’t really do very much. It’s been cold and rainy, which has sapped most of the desire to do anything from us.

The weekend over, it came time to plunge back into the work week full bore this morning. My day started at 5am when I woke up freezing. I had to turn the heat on when I looked out the window and saw the temperature hovering right around 30. That’s -1.1C for my limey friends.

After that, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I went and checked my email and found an email that had come in over the weekend. It was from the ‘new job’ – my Holy Grail of employment.

“There’s a slight problem…the civil service list we pulled you from had expired before we interviewed you. We need to rerun the list and hope we reach you again.”

Essentially, since this is a civil service job, they have to hire off a list. The active list apparently expires every now and then and has to be rerun to reach candidates and there is a possibility that when they rerun it…I don’t get selected as an option for hire again. I don’t exactly know HOW it works, I just know that it is a possibility that the last month of preparation and planning, interviews and paperwork….could have all been for naught.

So I went to work this morning with THAT little nugget on my mind.

Then, a message from my wife. Our 6 month old Samsung SMART TV quit working. As in, no picture, plenty of sound. Their tech support was quite helpful, but it turns out the damn thing is shot and needs to be repaired/replaced. Thankfully we’re under warranty so it won’t cost anything but time, but still, what a massive hassle. I spent an hour on various chats and service requests trying to get it hashed out. I couldn’t leave my wife to do it, since she’s at home dealing with a three year old who is pissed off that he can’t watch “Paw Patrol” and a slew of shop orders that have to be worked on.

There is a glimmer of good news though. A follow up email from ‘The Job’ included the line: “…we want you so we’ll do everything in our power to get this done.”

…Nobody’s ever said that to me before. I’ve usually gotten the impression with my employers like they felt like “Okay he’ll do” or, like in my last job “Damn. We’re stuck with him.” The idea that there might be a job that wants me as bad as I want it? I almost can’t fathom that.

You won’t hear much from me tomorrow, I’m due for a pretty comprehensive physical and psychological exam in preparation for ‘The Job.’ I was told to arrive by 9 am and expect to be there until 4:30, so unless I get a string of down-time, I’ll catch you all later in the week.

Here’s hoping Monday’s a-holishness passes you by.


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